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Joe Pangallo


January 5, 2024

A Resolution For Your New Year's Resolution

Whatever your goals for 2024, start working toward them with CONSISTENCY as your NUMBER ONE priority.

For example, if your resolution is to read more, ask yourself, "What can I realistically commit to doing CONSISTENTLY for the next 30 days?" Are you really going to stick with it if you go from zero reading to reading 10 pages per day? Maybe, but, then again, this "all-or-nothing" approach is why most resolutions fail. Maybe a more realistic initial goal is one paragraph per night before bed. After 30 days of doing that consistently (NOT perfectly, but most nights), up it to one page, then two pages, then 10 minutes, etc. You get the idea.

The same could be said for nutrition. Instead of doing a crash diet (no sugar, keto, whole30, etc) for 30 days without much of a plan beyond that, try implementing one simple habit for 30 days that you're confident you can achieve, like including one fruit or vegetable at every meal. Then build off of that momentum the next month by including significant protein at each meal and so on.

Most people won't do this because the long game requires patience. But the fittest people you know aren't constantly jumping from diet to diet and looking for the "quick fix;" they're being consistent for years with basic healthy habits.

Don't be like most people who are doing a 30 day crash diet in January (and will be back where they started 30 days after it ends). Be the "weirdo" who orders steamed broccoli instead of fries at Culvers, and still eats the burger.

We help every day folks build achievable, sustainable habits that support their health goals. If you'd like to chat about your goals and how we can help, book a free consultation with us.

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