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Joe Pangallo


January 8, 2024

No Drama

Cliques and ego are one of our biggest pet peeves with the fitness industry. They happen in some fitness communities because of coaches and owners who let their own ego get in the way instead of focusing on helping others.

You have more important things in life than to worry about than "gym drama."

The last thing you need is a coach who's more concerned with their own fitness than yours and other members who are obsessed with "winning."

We've carefully built this place to be unlike any other gym you've been a part of. Coaching and helping people achieving their health and fitness goals is our full time profession. This is not a hobby for us or an excuse for us to "work out all the time."

We get more pumped up about YOUR wins than our own.

We are obsessed with helping YOU and creating the best possible environment for you to thrive.

Book a free intro to meet with us and see if our down-to-earth, professional, fun, no-ego approach is the right fit for you.

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