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Joe Pangallo


January 13, 2024

CrossFit is Medicine

CrossFit is healthcare.

Now, your future CrossFit Spring Hill payments might be eligible for reimbursement through HSA/FSA funds. CrossFit is medicine and can often count for tax-free spending - saving 15-30%.

We've always found it to be so frustrating (and complicated) trying to use our HSA or FSA funds for essential items that should qualify. That's why we're working with TrueMed - a company devoted to driving HSA/FSA spending to products that are scientifically proven to improve metabolic health (like CrossFit).

TrueMed will handle all the intricacies of using your HSA/FSA funds on your behalf, making the entire checkout process seamless and hassle-free.

Start the qualification process here.

If TrueMed determines that fitness can help prevent or reverse a health condition you care about (making it eligible for HSA/FSA), they will send you a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN).

Once you are approved, just submit your future receipts and LMN to your HSA/FSA provider for reimbursement. TrueMed will send instructions to get reimbursed and their customer support team will be available to assist. TrueMed guarantees reimbursement once qualified.

Qualify for HSA/FSA spending

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